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Hiking – Biking

Hiking – Biking

Finding opportunities for an active vacation in Asprovalta, which are known for their family oriented vacations, isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is turn your gaze toward nearby mountains and valleys, and a bunch of attractions you can tour on foot or bike will pop-up.

Some of the best hiking and biking paths you can find in the vicinity of  Asprovalta are Makedonika Tempi and the Mount Kerdyllia.

Makedonika Tempi proves to be a natural resort, featuring a wide diversity of herbal and animal species.

Presence of around 90 bird species, which can be seen during the hiking tour, had secured for the Makedonika Tempi “Important Area for Birds” status. Among other species, you can observe magpies, redbreasts, owls and hawks.

As you follow the hiking trails, you are sure to recognize diverse tree varieties, among which elms, limes and willow trees are most dominant. Various bushes and interesting clambering plants (like ivy) are present, too.