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  Only 150 meters away from the beach and 600 meters away from the center of Asprovalta, the fa

mily hotel "Katerina 2", was created a few years ago by Kostas and Sofia to generously offer the Greek traditional hospitality.

  The garden of "Katerina 2" offers a unique atmosphere, combined with breathtaking simplicity that wins its visitors from the very first moment! Nature’s sounds and colours along with the sea breeze leave their mark on every visitor of our hotel.

  Park your vehicle in our private parking area, enjoy your coffee in our spacious balcony and let your children play in our garden. Of course, you can relax in our recreation room that is equipped with a full TV set until late evening hours.

  For family vacations "Katerina 2" is an excellent choice that promises relaxation all year round!


Hotel's Registration Number (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) : 09.33.K.12.2K.01824.0.0